The ORDER Advantage System

Now more than ever, small business owners need an advantage in organizing their business records and deducting every receipt. The ORDER Advantage System is an easy 5-step expense tracking system for entrepreneurs who want organized finances.


The ORDER Advantage System is tailor-made for the direct sales professional or ‘brick and mortar’ business owner who does not have accounting or bookkeeping expertise, but has a great business model.

Are you a multi-level marketing professional that does not keep track of income and expenses throughout the year? Do you wait until you meet with your accountant at tax time to see whether or not you are making any money?

ORDER stands for Organize Records Deduct Every Receipt. This efficient system is less costly than scrambling to get your records in order at the end of the year. Stop paying higher accountant fees to “just fix it.” The ORDER Advantage System teaches you how to handle your business expenses and eliminates the stress and anxiety that comes with having unorganized business records.

This knowledge is essential to having a successful direct sales business. Having network marketing experience, Jill Merriman knew the importance of her system when she was asked basic business deduction questions from other MLM professionals at an event. She realized that these intelligent, assertive, and prosperous professionals needed her guidance.

Multi-level marketing professionals are unaware of the basic tax write-offs that they can use and are stressed out about not knowing how to handle their expenses. Jill Merriman’s Easy 5-Step Expense Tracking System for network marketing professionals helps them to understand what’s needed to get their business records under control while keeping them organized and prepared for year-end tax time.

If you are still thinking whether this system would be a good fit for you and your business, consider the current system that you are using or the lack of a system. Are you frustrated that you are not keeping proper track of how much money is coming in and how much money is going out?

12 Reasons To Buy The ORDER Advantage System Today:

  • Discover an easy way to keep all your receipts in one place
  • Label every business receipt to meet IRS requirements
  • Recognize where your direct sales commissions are being used
  • Determine allowable business expense deductions
  • Solve the problem of remembering all of your business trips
  • Develop a dashboard that helps you to manage your receipts like a pro
  • Explain how your expense “buckets” keeps you organized
  • Point out ways to eliminate the chaos of misplaced receipts
  • Evaluate how to master the mess with an expense tracker
  • Review an easy way to post monthly expenses
  • Predict a successful meeting with your accountant at tax time
  • Choose a stress-free way to organize records and deduct every receipt

You work hard to generate the leads needed to bring in the prospects. You follow up, host launch parties and presentations and recruit business builders on your team. You deserve to be organized and be at the next level in your business.

You’ve got this!

The ORDER Advantage System will enable you to get your business in order while you make the money that you deserve.