Products and Services

Jill Merriman Enterprises is a one-stop-shop for network marketers to learn the necessary tools needed to have a successful business.

Live Training with Jill

Bring Jill to your next network marketing ‘Super Saturday’ or your next big team meeting.  Your team will love the motivating, interactive half-day or full day training session with Jill.  She will share her successful tips from ‘The Real Deal’ program she created.  Read more about how to schedule your team training with Jill

Networking Done Right System

This system is a MUST for any network marketing professional who is interested in learning how to confidently network and connect easily with prospects. Read more about the Networking Done Right System.

The Real Deal Program

‘The Real Deal’ program includes 3 tailor-made modules designed for the network marketer.  You can purchase 1, 2 or all 3, whatever area of your business you need to ramp up. Read more about The Real Deal Program.

The ORDER Advantage System

The system consists of a 30 minute instructional video and pro-forma spreadsheet (all formulas are already in there for you) to help you keep your finances organized which will help increase your bottom line. Read more about Read more about the ORDER Advantage System or buy online.